General Surgery Instruments set list

General Surgery Instruments set list

General Surgery Instruments set list

Surgical Instruments

General Surgery Instruments are tools that are used in operations or Surgeries. Their function is to grasp, cut, retract, suture, or dissecting.

Made: General Surgical instruments are made-up of Stainless steel and metal alloy

High quality surgical instruments are made from stainless steel and metal alloy. A good instrument must have the ability to keep cutting edge sharp and smooth. To keep quality up to the mark these instruments are made from less chromium and more carbon elements. Primary characteristic of steel is resistance to corrosion, that ultimately make the instrument soft.

General Surgery Instruments List

Following are the list of surgical instruments that are used in surgery.

  1. Cutting Instruments
  2. Dissecting Instruments
  3. Grasping Instruments.
  4. Hemostatic Instruments.
  5. Retractors Instruments.
  6. Tissue Unifying Instruments


  1. Cutting Instruments.

Cutting instruments are used for cutting tissue or other cutting in surgery. Surgical cutter called Scalpel By the name it was appear that it is used for cutting so it can be used for cutting skin, tissues, and other organs. These tools made very perfectly and smoothly they  does not damage body

For example:

Bone cutter:

Bone cutter is a general surgical instrument which is used to cut the bones.


List of surgical cutting instruments:

Following are the list of cutting instruments

  • Knives
  • Scalpels
  • Saws
  • Scissors
  • Elevator
  • Blades



  1. Dissecting Instruments.

Dissecting instruments are those surgical instruments which are used to separate tissue.

Dissection instrument is energy device used as more modern alternatives. Dissecting instruments are very thin and can cut through things very easily.


List of Dissecting Instruments

Following are the list of Dissecting instruments


  • Scissors
  • Elevators
  • Scalpels
  • Saws


  1. Grasping Instruments

Grasping instrument in general surgery is used for holding an tissue or organ.

List of grasping instrument.

Following are the list of Grasping instruments


  • Tissue Forceps
  • Hemostatic Forceps
  • Retractors


  1. Hemostatic Instruments

Hemostatic Instruments are used to control blood flow from body. By this instrument bleeding can be control it is commonly used in first stage of surgery  Hemostatic instruments play an important role in general surgery.

For Examples

Billroths clamps, Korchers forceps,

List of Hemostatic instruments.

  • Artery forceps
  • Spencer wells artery forceps
  • Sutures
  • Cautery
  • Satinsky clamps.
  • Crile forceps



  1. Retractors Instruments

Retractors plays an important role in general surgery instruments retractors instruments used to holdback organs and tissue retractors have come in very types it has different sizes, strength, and materials. By using this instrument during surgery cannot damage the body

Two main types of retractors.


  1. Self-Retaining Retractors
  2. Hand Retractors


List of Retractors Instruments

  • Farabeuf Retractors
  • Senn Miller retractor
  • Hohmann Retractors
  • US Army Retractors



  1. Tissue Unifying Instruments

In general surgery instruments Tissue unifying plays a role of  aid tissue unification

Instruments that aid in tissue unification.


For Example

Needle holders or staple applicators.


List Of Tissue Unifying Instruments

  • Needle holders
  • Stable applicators


Advantages of surgical instruments


New technologies and development require safe and healthy tools so tools can be made with new and safe materials these materials are safe.

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