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Obwegeser Maxilla Mobilizing Instrument, 23cm, 12mm


Wish Surgical Manufacturing an Excellent range of all kinds of Chisels, Gouges and Osteotomes with high quality German Stainless Steel and French Stainless steel as per Surgical Graded Standard. Buy Wish Surgical’s Ballenger Septum Chisels, Cottle Chisel, Cross Bar, Graduated, Cinelli Guarded Osteotome, Freer Elevator, Freer Elevator, Obwegeser Maxilla Mobilizing Instrument, Obwegeser Osteotome, Rubin Nasal Osteotome, Schrom Osteotome, Tessier Osteotome and Walter Osteotomes. You can also buy our Plastic Surgery Instruments, Liposuction Cannulas, Fiber Optic Instruments, and all other Surgical Instruments.