Mallet, 24 cm, Solid Steel Head, Plastic facing


Wish Surgical is Supplying a High quality Mallets and Cartilage Instruments, such as Cartilage Crusher, 65x30mm, Cottle Cartilage Crusher 65x30x30 mm, Cartilage Cutting Block, Teflon, 85x55x10mm, Colline Mallets, Mallet With Plastic Facing, Mallet, 26 cm, Novotex Plastic, 150 grams, 35mm diameter, Mallet with Fiber Optic Material. Lucae Mallet 260g 25mm Dia 19cm, Kirk Mallet, 19.5 cm, Solid head, 900 grams, Solid Mallets 370g 22.5cm.